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The Freedom of Living with Less

After more than 15 years as a Professional Organizer, I have discovered how letting go and living with less can truly change your life.  

I always believed there was freedom on the other side of buying, collecting and owning “stuff”. However, I didn’t really understand just how difficult it is to truly let go until I had to do it for myself through the process of downsizing. While most of my clients claim to be “maximalists”, I am now obsessed with pursuing a minimalist lifestyle and with small-space living. I will share best practices that have worked for me and I know will work for you.

    •    What does freedom really mean?
    •    Why do we have so much “stuff”?
    •    How do we truly let go?
    •    How much space do we really need?
    •    What are the long-term benefits of living with less?