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Space Planning:

Configuring the interior of a building for the optimum use of interior spaces in order to meet the needs of the owner or occupant. It is usually a good idea to meet with a space planner before designing a building or leasing space because a good planner can minimize the square footage necessary for one's needs, thus saving expenses.” ~The Complete Real Estate Encyclopedia 2007 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

We help you maximize storage and function in those all-important areas like closets, kitchens, playrooms, mudrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms and home offices. Let’s work together to transform any space that’s not working for you.

Small Spaces

Maybe that addition you had to have to make your space work isn’t necessary? Maybe you don’t need a bigger home after all? Maybe you just want your small space to work perfectly. Maybe, just maybe, we can transform your existing space with some creative re-design and storage solutions.

Large Spaces

We have transformed some pretty big spaces too! Not only will you have a place for everything but you’ll have a super well-organized space that functions perfectly for you and your “stuff”. You will have completely customized storage solutions specifically suited to your organizing and decorating style.

Any Space

Function before form is what organizers do best. I will review design plans with your builder or designer looking for any little detail we can tweak to maximize the function of any space.

Our Services

. Clear out the clutter and reorganize your “stuff”
. Design a streamlined space with ideal function and maximum storage
. Recommend and source all products needed to complete the space
. Manage the entire project and implement all of the solutions
. Set up your space and teach you how to keep it organized

“Thanks so much for your help on this project - I love, love, love my new closet, and I am having fun organizing everything in the new layout - there is so much more space now and better use of the space. (PS. I continue to purge as well - you'd be proud of me).” DC – Master Bedroom Closet